Lage Lund

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“ .. like an irresistible and raucous foray into the beyond.”

  • Downbeat

Terrible Animals is the excellent new album by guitarist Lage Lund (..) An assured outing that pushes against the boundaries of post- bop”

  • WBGO

“An album that creates its own unique truth, thanks to a formidable, free-spirited team effort and Lund’s brave imagination.”

  • Ottawa Citizen

“Fans who thought they knew Lage Lund will be surprised and delighted.

  • The New York City Jazz Record

“ the individual character of Lund’s music really shines through. This is his voice, his thoughts, his expression, his music.”

  • UKvibe.com

“Lund is building a memorable discography, with the release of Terrible Animals he has added a creatively and harmonically rich listen.  A must add to any modern collection.”

  • 5FingerReview.com

“Guitarist Lage Lund always has qualities to spark our imagination (..) The shift is a surprise, but surprisingly great as well”

  • DustyGroove.com

“Lund goes through a variety of moods, at first playing gently and romantically, then allowing Sorey to build the energy level up, and matching it, until he’s tearing fiercely at the strings, Grant Green-style.

  • Stereogum